Actress Avantika Shetty alleges harassment on film set

Avantika Shetty
Actress Avantika Shetty alleges harassment on film set

Actress Avantika Shetty has made allegations of harassment on the sets of the film Raju Kannada Medium. According to the filmmakers actress is no longer part of the film.

First, she claimed she was disgusted and felt helpless for becoming “yet another victim of the way women are objectified by certain kind of men in an industry.” She claimed to have “sensed that it wasn’t my performance the producer and the director were really bothered about.”

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Secondly, a cheque that was part of her remuneration was cancelled though she had completed most of the shooting, except one song. She had filed a case in a court in Bengaluru and also filed a complaint with the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce.

The issue soon turned out be allegations of sexual harassment during the shooting — a lightman’s comment about her, a soundman allegedly touching her, and the director saying she was not `friendly’ with others.

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