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Published: Fri, 19 Aug 2011
Anna Hazare, a man who is in lime light from last few months, for his social services, devoting towards the nation for a cause which has given him an honour to be called as Mahatma Gandhi, strikes in my mind when I think about his background. Some sort of negative waves surpass my mind thinking that he is a retired army man, and a farmer which has a few acres in the name of his property.

You now must be in a dilemma reading the above lines that what I actually mean to say? Let me explain you the clear picture.

In elections in the villages of Gram Panchayats, person promoting self spends about two to four lakhs, a politician governing state for his promotion or advertising spend lacs then thing noticeable is from where Gandhian Anna Hazare is raising his funds for such grand show?

Anna at the age of 39 in 1978 took a voluntary retirement from the 9th Maratha Battalion and returned home to Ralegaon Siddhi, a village in Maharashtra’s drought-prone Ahmadnagar.

Recently, a user of social networking website ‘Facebook’ had posted on his wall that Anna has INR 68,000 in his account and in that sum gazing at current price rise scenario, what a man can do in just 68,000 whereas Anna Hazare is roaming across the country for his protest against corruption.

Recently, a congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi asked the government to probe Anna’s funds in order to seek Anna’s source of income. He also linked this with America’s comment where US politicians praised Hazare’s protest. Again the point that picks the finger is that in 64 years of country’s Independence America had never, not even once intervened in any of country’s protest then why Anna has grabbed their attention?

My view too bends in the same direction that is some agencies supporting Anna Hazare to destabilize country’s peace?

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