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Published: Sun, 04 Sep 2011
There could be a million reasons for celebrating a day exclusively devoted to the teachers. However, the biggest one could perhaps be the fact that the world is still a place to live in because of them.

Yes, honestly speaking, anarchy could have ruled the planet too easily had it not been for a few learned men and women who took a decision to pass on their hard earned knowledge and experience to others. It is true that civilization came into being because of the lessons that man learned. But the cradle of civilization would have stopped rolling if those learned people chose to keep their wealth of knowledge to themselves.

They, thus, became the first teachers.

Thankfully for the billions of people on earth, a few hundred still perform the same duty. They work hard to educate and put some sense in people. Man is called a social animal but the adjective social comes only because the teachers mould man into it. In the absence of a teacher, a man is just an animal.

The recent London riots were a classic example of what happens in a society devoid of proper educationists. Even British Prime Minister David Cameron had to admit that the British society had fallen to its lowest level and he blamed much of it to lack of Ďproper educationí.

The phrase Ďproper educationí does not denote good schooling. It means the right lessons of humanity and conduct befitting a civilized human being.

Even religious teachers are teachers in every sense of the word. They tell you about the scriptures and the dos and doníts as prescribed in the holy books to make a manís life simple and pure.

India is a blessed nation for its guru-shishya (teacher-student) tradition that transcends all forms of bonding. The glorious Indian history describes that a teacher was given the position next only to Godís. The books verify it. The great kings are proof of it.

In the course of time this relationship has taken a sad change. Unbelievable as it may sound but the bitter truth is that now most teachers take up this job for the money involved. The students too have lost respect for the teachers and even dare to crack jokes on them.

All is not lost though. The radiance of a single good teacher enlightens so many innocent souls that they collectively destroy the darkness created by a larger number of salary hunting teachers.

Letís hope for a brighter future and celebrate the teachersí day.

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