Five ways to prevent yourself from tanning

Tanning during summers, one of the most annoying things that one has to witness and is probably one of the most concerning factors as well.

Heavy sun exposure can lead to damage to your skin and can rupture you skin cells making them look dull and burnt. People having darker skin complexion get uneven skin tone when exposed to the sun.

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Here are some tips that will cure you from this tanning:

1) Cover your body including face and hands while going outside during days as direct sun rays would make your skin tone darker.

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2) Use some anti-tan creams which will provide you the needed prevention from direct sunlight.

3) Use lemon and aleo vera face pack to make you skin glow and remain fair.

4) Turmeric power would also help you to cure your skin during summers.

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5) Applying rosewater can also prove to be a good remedy in getting rid of summer tanning.

By- Palak Bajpai