Gomti in disarray, anybody listening?

When it comes to beautification and cleaning of Gomti River, crores of rupees may have been spent but no emphasis being put on its downstream.

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Untapped sewage flows pretty much in a direct manner into the downstream, causing high pollution concentration.

Situation is going to get even trickier if the strategy to build intercepting drains on both sides of the river  in order to tap the Lucknow’s sewage midway before it flows into the river came into the foray.

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While Gomti’s 20km stretch from Kudia Ghat up to Shaheed Path comes within the vicinity of the city, Gomti beyond Shaheed Path comes in downstream region and shows high contamination.

Within Lucknow, 37 drains flow into the Gomti. Of these, only 29 are tapped.

Another significant factor responsible for its pollution is the emergence of more than 10 new big drains from newly developed localities of Lucknow’s outskirts.

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People in Barabanki, Jaunpur and Ghazipur, are dependent on this water for consumption. And that is where, the pollution in the Gomti is not good for their health.

Lucknow’s irrigation department has linked up nine drains emerging from the city with the intercepting drains recently that are built along the Gomti’s banks.

All these things are not good for Gomti in general and if remedial measures are not taken very soon, rest assured its water quality will deteriorate quite a bit.


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