Good monsoon expected this time around

The pivotal monsoon rains are going to be in the range of 98 percent of the long-term average in 2017.

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In comparison to the previous forecast of the India Meteorological Department (IMD), it is 2 percentage points higher.

This is tremendous news when it comes to economic growth and boosting farm incomes.

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The importance of monsoon explained by the fact that it delivers around 70 percent of yearly rainfall, significant for farming.

Talking about the monthly rainfall, it is going to be 96 percent of its long-term average next month, and 99 percent of the average during August.

The 260 million farmers of India are dependent on monsoon in order to grow crops like rice, cane, corn, cotton and soybeans..

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India’s forecasting systems pinpoints neutral El Nino conditions until 2017.

The monsoon is also going to get an impetus from the Indian ocean dipole (IOD) phenomenon.

The IMD for the first time banking on the dynamic model in order to improve the accuracy of weather forecasts.


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