It feels amazing to get honoured: Sonam

Sonam Kapoor
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New Delhi: Actress Sonam Kapoor today stated that any honour is an encouragement for the artist to do more content-driven movies. Sonam has been named for the National Film Award with Special Mention for “Neerja”.

Talking to media Sonam stated: “It feels amazing. I honestly did not expect it.”

Asked if a National Award will open more doors for content-driven films for her, Sonam said: “I think I have been doing content-driven films for a couple of years right now, but obviously it (National Award) is an encouragement to doing more of them.”

The 31-year-old actress, who will receive the award in the capital on Wednesday, said it is very important for her.

“It is such a a huge validation for doing a film like ‘Neerja’, but at the same time it was more important to make a film like ‘Neerja’ which spoke about human spirit and compassion. A film like ‘Neerja’ winning an award says that human spirit and human compassion and kindness at the end of the day should be our purpose,” she said.

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