Latur: Helicopter crash lands with Maharashtra CM on board

Photo of the helicopter that crashed lands.

Maharashtra: According to the information given by the news reports, in an incident that could turn out to be disastrous where a helicopter with Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis crash landed in Latur in Maharashtra today.

Fadnavis took to share the news of his safety on his Twitter handle, “Our helicopter did meet with an accident in Latur but me and my team is absolutely safe, nothing to worry.”

The chief minister, speaking to media, said there were four people in the chopper when the crash happened. “Fortunately, I have the blessings of more than 11 crore people of Maharashtra so I have escaped without any injuries,” he said. He also said that his vitals have been checked and that he is stable.

Fadnavis has said there will be the regular DGCA inquiry in the incident. “It was new helicopter, only 6-7 years old. It can be counted among the good helicopters. The DGCA will inquire into the incident,” he said.

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According to the DGCA, there were four people on board and two crew members.
Earlier in May, Fadnavis had to travel by road from the naxal affected Gadchiroli district to Nagpur after his chopper developed a technical snag before takeoff, police said.

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