Meerut Congressman removed from party after calling Rahul Gandhi ‘Pappu’

The Congress is facing criticism over media reports that it has punished a senior party leader after he allegedly referred Rahul Gandhi as ‘Pappu’ on a WhatsApp group.

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Vivek Pradhan, a Congress leader from Meerut who is in question has said in his defense that the image had been photoshopped to frame him.

It is worthwhile pointing that Pradhan has been removed as President of the Meerut district and other party posts.

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The Congress has so far not reacted on the whole issue but BJP is terming it as party’s sycophancy.

Few days back, Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit used “sadak ke goonde” to refer to the army chief.

Meanwhile Vivek Pradhan plans to meet Rahul Gandhi to offer an explanation.

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