A tough year ending on successful note: Priyanka Chopra

3 years ago

Mumbai: After countering number of ill talks, delivering successful hits and belting out her debut music album In My City Bollywood’s top ranking actor Priyanka Chopra is finally in a comfort zone and is looking forward with a rejuvenated zeal.

Deftly handling all matters in a cool manner, the actor is enjoying fruits with her highly appreciated movie Barfi! going for Oscars and album In My City receiving rave reviews.

The actor who was busy with ongoing projects feels that after its successful completion she has found time for herself and can enjoy it before delving into other projects.

Priyanka held her busy schedule responsible for her hiatus from media persons. Wearing a rejuvenated look, she aims at bigger things now. An optimistic Priyanka expressing her happiness over successful movies Agneepath, Barfi! and singing debut album In My City says, It’s fun to be Priyanka Chopra now.

Relaxed Priyanka says, “Now I will have to be abroad again for some time, planning my next single and involving myself with promotions and shows. I am also looking forward to shooting the three films I have signed, Zanjeer, Gunday and Milan Talkies. The sequel to Krrish has been completed and I am in talks for a few more big projects. Yes, life’s looking up again.” She says, “It’s been a traumatic year, but a truthful year.”

Denying reports that some of her co-stars or directors turned their backs on her she said, “There may have been a few people, a few rumors and a few articles, but that always happens to everyone. It was more of a power play.”

The actor currently enjoying her single status, wants that her ideal man should have standard of her dad.

While refuting reports of her difference with Salman Khan she said that she never had any issues with Salman. She stated that he is one of her first co-actors and she has tremendous respect for him and vice versa.

However, speaking on her recent pictures with Salman appearing in newspaper she vehemently denied it and said, “It was very stupid, unethical and looked shady and tacky! I have been to his house several times, his sister Arpita is my friend, but nobody bothered to click any pictures then, so why now? It was in bad taste. We have ridiculous and erratic hours of working and I cannot justify it. Tomorrow you will see me running on Yari Road at 5 am — because that’s the time I get to jog! We don’t have normal working hours.”

She maintained that her relationship with Karan Johar is great and whatever happened in past is over now. She stated that she admire him as a director.


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