Aamir Khan doing Akhilesh Yadav’s job, to meet concerned officials in honor killing case

3 years ago

Bulandshahr: Aamir Khan, clearly fuming at the way Uttar Pradesh government and the UP Police is behaving while scanning the matter of honor killing, has termed the episode – a disgrace and has promised to become the help in any way possible. Abdul Hakim, hailing from a village here, was killed by Mehwish’s family. Although, after media has constantly dug the matter inside out, one is struck with disbelief that how the government bodies can act so sluggishly. Aamir would soon be meeting state officials who are investigating the matter in person, to discuss the same.

Hakim along with his wife Mehwish appeared in the 5th episode of the globally acclaimed television show ‘Satyamev Jayate’, hosted by Aamir Khan. That episode chiefly discussed ‘Khap’ and ‘honor killing’ in India. It even essayed out techniques to overcome these orthodox cultures. But very contrary to what was established in the show, Abdul Hakim was murdered to save the honor of what, we clearly doubt that they would be knowing it!

Aamir, who was in Meerut on Monday, said that the incident is unfortunate and said that he will be meeting the concerned officials for Mehwish. He informed that while research work was carried out for the show, the two were interviewed, in which they informed that they were terrified of the threatening, made in the appellation of honor killing. He also informed that he was in talks with SSP Meerut and Lucknow DGP, regarding the matter. Aamir has even offered assistance by authorizing police to see the uncensored tapes and the research tapes of the episode.

Hakim would have been alive today if the government bodies would have acted orderly. His horror struck wife Mehwish says, “They have killed my husband, they will kill me now. I am 9 months pregnant. My husband would have been alive if police protection was provided.”

We have few questions relating to the matter. These questions rip the government apart from the assurance that it laid for the state citizens before coming into power. No statement from either Samajwadi Party or UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has arrived until now and police, who is listless with facts, is only updated to what media has to tell.

– Despite repeated requests, why the dawdling in providing them protection?

– ‘Khap Panchayats’ making public announcements of killing, how local police remains numb on the matter?

– If the government choses to remain deskbound against such ‘Panchayats’, should we assume that the government is supporting them?

– Why is police working on the facts provided by media, is there a need to teach them how an investigation is done?

– Isn’t it an abuse to the Akhilesh Yadav led UP government or are they ‘used’ to it?

CO City Lal Sahab Yadav statements arrived in which he assured the safety of Mehwish and her family but the question that rises here is that why police is in need of such panicking alarms? So far two arrests have been made in the case but three more accused including the prime suspect, are still on the lose.


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