Bigg Boss 6: Adult star Priya Rai to enter the house!

3 years ago

Mumbai: After lot of indecent stuff in the last season of one of the most popular TV reality shows Bigg Boss, Bollywood star and host of the show Salman Khan promised a parivaarik version in the sixth edition. But the present scenario reveals the different story.

As per sources, in the previous seasons, Pamela Anderson and porn star Sunny Leone were sent into the house to add fuel to the show. This time in season 6, the makers of the show are trying the same funda to raise the TRP by approaching Indo-American adult star Priya Rai.

Sources say that Priya could make a guest appearance in the show. The adult star was abandoned by her biological parents and was adopted by American couple when she was just 2 years old.

On the other hand, sexy siren of South Indian films Kavita Radheshyam revealed that she was offered big bucks to flirt with Rajiv Paul, one of the contestants of the show, and also asked to cause fights or discord in the house, according to sources.

She also said that a patch-up strategy was suggested for Rajeev and his wife Delnaaz, who is also inside the house. But Kavita rejected the offer because she found it very stupid.

It is well known that every year Bigg Boss unfolds a different flavor of drama to raise TRP and this is one of them.


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