Bigg Boss 7 Update: Sofia pleads kiss from Sangram, Ajaz targets Gauhar!

2 years ago

Mumbai: Viewers who were finding the ongoing reality TV show ‘Bigg Boss 7’ quite boring might get some exciting content today as the inmates are might go mushy this evening. In a recent sneak peek from the house, Sofia Hayat was seen getting close to Sangram and asking him to grant a kiss on her lips. Apart from this Ajaz was seen flirting openly with Gauhar.

As per reports, the male inmates of the house are given a task called ‘Speech Date’ which would be judged by Sofia. The sneak peak showed Sangram going for a date with Sofia, where he gifts her bunch of flowers. After all the greeting, he serves a good host by offering a chair to Sofia but to his surprise, Sofia holds Sangram’s hand to her waist and asks him to kiss her on her lips. Whereas, Sangram was seen pushing himself away from Sofia.

On the other hand, Gauhar who seems to have been too low after the verbal spat with Salman Khan on weekend ka wow that the smile on her face has almost disappeared. But the smile soon comes back when Ajaz tries to make her feel happy.

So, is Ajaz falling for Gauhar or just flirting with her and will Sangram kiss Sofia?

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