Court levels CBI down below UP Police for the investigative approach

3 years ago

Lucknow: The working style of CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) has been questioned at large by the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court and it has said that even UP police have better probing techniques. They questioned the investigation of the double murder of the CMOs that happened in the NRHM (National Rural Health Mission) case and called their practise ‘condemnable’ and a clear case of indolence.

In the progress report given by CBI, the Lucknow bench informed that there is nothing progressive in the investigation of the CMO murder cases. Court even informed that CBI was given the case last year but there is no mention of any kind of progress in the details.

After analyzing the investigation repoprt, the court said that if there is any kind of problem faced by the officials then they must tell the court about them so that they may give orders to overcome those problems.

The court said that the way they have been investigating the case, the police officials of UP seem to have better working method. This was said on behalf of the initial investigation carried out by the UP police in the same case for which CBI is being scrutinized. But since CBI failed to roll further in the enquiry, the court displayed its discontent for its continuous delay in submitting reports to them. The lethargic nature of CBI, forced the court to demand for an instant report to know about the status of the case.

CBI submitted report on Wednesday for which the next hearing has been set to September 12. T Raja Balaji, SP, CBI has been asked to be present at the hearing by the court. Bench of Justice Imtiaz Murtaza and Ashwini Kumar Singh warned that if progress is not reported in the case, then officials handling the case must be ready to face strict actions. The court even made them realize that lastly, CBI promised that by next hearing (which was on May 27), the investigation will stand complete, but the case is not so.

The reprimand by the court has questioned the most reputed and trusted agency of the nation. It is difficult to understand as to why CBI, which has made so many revelation in whichever case given to them, is displaying slothfulness while handling the double murder case which happened in UP in regard to the NRHM scam. May be the officials of CBI are working under pressure because of a powerful force, which is acting its way out in front to make things slow for the agency.


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