Did Ravindra Jadeja Bowl ‘Ball of The Century’ To Scalp Michael Clarke?

3 years ago

Hyderabad: Defaming the mighty Australians by a twin setback in Hyderabad, the Indian team is on a high and why not. The batsmen who, in the recent past, were doing rounds of pavilion quite frequently as they went on and were soon turned off from the crease, displayed their real talents which were surging to come out of them. On the other hand, the Indian bowlers, I must add both, the pacers and the deadly spinners gripped the Aussies even more in the second Test match.

Meanwhile, the Indian spinners’ squad that comprised of the turbinator Harbhajan Singh and Ravichandran Ashwin has got another spin partner that completes the team’s trio. It is the Mr. Accurate Ravindra Jadeja who raised the debate in the commentary box on Tuesday if he had bowled the ball of the century when he dismissed Michael Clarke.

Ravindra Jadeja had dismissed MJ Clarke in the 45th over when he was on 16 on a beauty which didn’t spin much but enough to beat his bat and the outside edge too. Clarke was playing the right line but the ball did a bit too much for him and it banged the top of his off stump. It was, indeed, a magical delivery which would have undone even the greatest of the batsmen.

However, the commentators including the great Harsha Bhogle, Sunil Gavaskar and Matthew Hayden were into a debate whether it was a bowl of the century when Harsha said, “I don’t know whether it’s a ball of the century but surely it is the ball of the many years in the past.”

To this, Sunny replied, “Yeah, that seems to be a beauty and if it is the greatest ball in the history I won’t mind it.”

Even the former Aussie left hander Matthew Hayden appreciated the delivery when he said that it was one of those deliveries that would have got anyone out.

With Jadeja’s accuracy and his combination of line, length, speed and turn it would not be an irony if we say that India has got a top bowler who can bat and also thinks that he is a batsman who can bowl.

Long way to go though Ravindra!


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