Diwali Gifts: Six Best Ways To Say, You Care

3 years ago

Lucknow: With Diwali being the festival of light and victory of brightness over darkness, it is also a festival that brings you closer to your loved ones. It is also a festival to garnish your relationships and give them a new honey dipped flavour.

But, you might wonder, how to make it more special than it ever was. Well, don’t worry, we are here to help you out with this.

Pardaphash brings to you six unique ways which will win the heart of the person you care, or anyone who is angry with you. Just pick one from the list, and there you go:

1: Plant A Tree and Give It Your Lover’s Name: This is probably the most innovative idea for you if you want to be remembered forever. Plant a tree with a placard dud beside it. Write the name of the person you want to give it to and wait for that smile to happen. Greenery always attracts anyone and everyone and you can gift life to someone, well, nothing is better than that.

2: A Perfect Dress would do: You can close your eyes and stop thinking about gifting any other thing but a dress to the person you love. But you’ve got to make sure that it comes out well. Remember, it is a gift that you are giving to show your compassion towards that person hence, you should choose the best. An in-fashion garment would suit the young lady of your dreams whereas; a vibrant overcoat can make your boy’s heart feel better.

3: Hand Made Greeting: If you make it, you make someone smile from the heart. There’s nothing much better than making a card for your loved one. Pour in your emotions and write from the heart. Make this Diwali the best ever that you had with him/her. Use bright colours, vibrance and that touch of care to it for the wonderful feeling.

4: A Pair of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi: Be it of any cost, any metal or even mud, Ganesha and Lakshmi are the deities that are awesome as gifts. They are the mark of auspiciousness and wealth. By gifting one, you can very much say that you want that special person to go ahead in life, even more than his/her own expectation.

5: Diamonds: Well, they are never out of fashion. They really are not. If you can gift one to your lady love, there’s nothing going to be better than that that will make her feel really special. Diamonds are women’s best friends and who won’t like a best friend on a auspicious occasion. All you’ve got to do is, run down a jeweler’s shop and pick up the best.

6: A long Drive: A long drive that seems small and feels like never ending would certainly make the world go round for that special person. If you find peace better than the sounds of crackers, you’ve got to go on a peaceful long drive when roads are vacant and traffic is less. Though, being with family and friends is the best but, if you can’t reach out to your family this time, why not celebrate it with your love inside a sedan with soft music.

‘Pardaphash Wishes Happy Diwali to all’


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