Dr Sachan Murder Mystery: A few unanswered questions trail CBI

3 years ago

Lucknow: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in its closure report, has confirmed that Dr Yogendra Singh Sachan – the key accused in the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) scam, committed a suicide as no such evidence was found which would suggest that his death is actually a murder. However, views of the general public is different from the testimony presented by CBI. The agency submitted its final report before the special CBI judge Neelmani Kant Tripathi on Friday.

The report submitted in the Allahabad High Court said that it is based on the forensic report and is the case of suicide. Sachan, the former deputy Chief Medical Officer of Lucknow, was found dead in a jail toilet last year. He was accused of involvement in the murder of his seniors, two former CMOs in connection with the NRHM scam that is alleged to be around a scam worth Rs 6,000 crore.

Dr Sachan’s name came into limelight after STF (Special Task Force) arrested three persons, Ram Krishna Verma, Anand Tewari and Vinod Sharma on June 17, 2011, who blamed Sachan for carrying out the murder conspiracy of his seniors, Family Welfare CMO Dr BP Singh, who was shot dead by unidentified persons on April 2, 2011 when he had gone out for a walk. Back in October 2010, another Chief Medical Officers Dr Vinod Arya, was allegedly killed by the group of shooters. Arya’s murder too, allegedly fell as the burden on Sachan’s shoulder.

Previously, a judicial probe called it a case of murder. Now, after the submission of CBI’s report, the analysis hangs again as it is left to the court, whether they accept it as it is or order for a further investigation. The investigation that lasted over a period of fourteen months, were unable to find the thinnest slice of hint that would seek to drive the case from suicide to murder. The commoners following the news now term this stretch of 14 months, as the relaxation time for CBI officials probing the death of the accused doctor. Clearly, they failed to establish on what was being expected, that it will turn out to be, the biggest fold in the case.

According to the CBI’s closure report, Sachan first attempted to kill himself by inflicting wounds with a blade. But only superficial veins got cut. After some time, he attempted to hang himself with a belt, in which he succeeded. Two ministers in former chief minister Mayawati’s regime, Babu Singh Kushwaha and Anant Mishra resigned on moral grounds after the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) scam was unearthed, following the deaths of two CMOs and Deputy CMO Dr Sachan.

Civic is tagging the report to be incomplete and unworthy; it blames the inefficiency of the agency and is quite disturbed – with trustable bodies appearing with an unwanted result. An overview of the case without a doubt, points towards the tangles in the scam, which are forcibly being hid by the unknown faces which are the integral parts of the scam. These faces seemingly are on elevated designations, utilizing their power to the fullest in order to keep the facts and reality, hidden.

So far the Lucknow District Jail Administration has accused four senior officers for being unable to stop Dr Sachan from committing suicide and CBI is seen only repeating the statements made by police, months before.

There are certain facts, based on which we can say that the report given by CBI have ignored these while jotting down the report, which claims nothing new. They are as follows:

– Despite being a doctor, he cuts his veins at places where he should be certain that it won’t assist him in committing suicide. Because one cut at a proper place is all to leave the person dead.
– Following the second alternative i.e. hanging, does not apply here after he marked the cuts in his body.
– Sachan, while committing suicide, is supposed to have cut himself with something sharp, a half blade too was found from the site but the nature of cuts reveal that the tool is not the blade, and also, the blade is missing as well.
– As report says, if his body was found sitting on the toilet commode then how come he succumbed his life hanging.
– Another point strengthens the above statement. If he made the cuts while sitting on the commode, how did blood splashed to 3 to 4 feet on the toilet walls.
– Earlier, the post-mortem report said that the snare marks found on neck were given after he was already dead.
– Also, there was no place in toilet to opt to hang self.
– And last but not least, why only that toilet door was ajar in which Sachan’s body was found while others were locked.

Do give your inputs below, on how you take the CBI report; whether it is on the edge or have the CBI officials refrained themselves from going to the edge?


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