Energy drink kills 13 in the US! India still mum on filthy Sprite issue

3 years ago

New York: Just 21 days after team Pardaphash reported and alerted about the scalar mixed cola being served by a reputed brand Coca Cola in its sub-brand Sprite cold drink bottles, the evil effects caused by these drinks has come to fore. ‘5-hour Energy’, one of America’s most trusted energy drink brand has reportedly gulped 13 lives in the New York city, however, it’s Lucknow-born Chief Executive officer, Manoj Bhargava has rubbished the allegation being levelled against him.

Bhargava has termed the allegations as “False” and “Ridiculous”.

Though, the investigative agency the US Food and Drug Administration has begun the probe into the matter as it brought down 13 people to death after they are being said to have had it.

As per reports coming from the New York Times, the energy drink making company 5-Hour Energy has been mentioned in around 90 cases filed with the FDA. The cases also include of those more than 30 people who suffered severe life threatening grievances including heart attacks, convulsions and few have even reported spontaneous abortion.

Contrary to this, the 59-year-old CEO of the company Bhargava has fully denied the claims against him and his company. He said that caffeine used for energy shots in his drink can’t ever be related with the diseases and the deaths.

Talking to media, Bhargava said, “It is a ridiculous claim.”

Bhargava, who is a Princeton University dropout, added, “To say that something is linked would be like, if you sipped a bottle of water today and thousands of people died the next day, then somehow it is linked. This is false, it is taking little pieces of information and turning it into something false.”

He added that people are trying to mint money by splinting such claims and “sensationalisation” by the media is unwarranted.

Justifying his stand over the issue, Bhargava said, “Caffeine is good. The only thing that we get about caffeine is from reporters, who really have no clue what caffeine does.”

Bhargava, who has a networth of US dollar 1.5, was ranked by Forbes magazine among the 400 richest people in America.

As per a report from Forbes, the readymade energy drink which energizes instantly through caffeine and vitamin shot, claims to have a 90% market share in the energy drink sector and boasts over USD 600 million in sales in the year 2011.

On the other hand, the FDA has said that complaints by the consumers and doctors do not confirm that the drink is responsible for the injuries or deaths but the agency would still look into the matter deep in every case.

Throwing more light over the issue, the FDA in a released statement said, “It is essential to note that while those who have reported of illness or injuries (such as medical professionals, family members, or the consumers themselves) typically identify the product that they assume caused the injury or illness, FDA as a scientific public health agency must carefully investigate and evaluate all possible causes before deciding whether the product actually caused the medical problem.”

Spokeswoman of Living Essentials, 5-Hour Energy drink distributor said that the company is ‘unaware’ of any deaths proven to have been caused by the consumption of the energy shot.

She went on to add that her distribution firm takes reports of any potential adverse event tied to our products, very seriously. The company is strictly measured and complies with Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act as regulated by the USFDA.

Earlier, in August, 2012, the New York attorney general began an investigation into 5-Hour energy and its rivals Monster and Amp to look into whether the products’ labels match their actual contents.
In October 2012, the FDA had got reports of five deaths that were attributed to another popular energy drink known as Monster.

Team Pardaphash had on October 26, 2012 reported that multinational cold drink manufacturer Coca Cola product Sprite was squalor filled and such cases have been frequently reported. This is not just a first instance of such kind where people have died after drinking such filthy drinks, but in India, people often die after consuming liquids, be it adulterated wine or some cold drink.

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