Engorging garbage heaves in Delhi don’t worry Sheila Dikshit

3 years ago

New Delhi: Taking a brisk note against the burning of garbage, Delhi’s Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has proclaimed that whoever would be caught burning dumps of garbage is going to be prosecuted. The person or the group would be sentenced a five-year jail term. Regular increase in the air pollution is supposed to be the logic behind this.

Prior to the statement, Sheila said that the sheet of smog that has skirted around the capital of the country is due to the negligence of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. Sheila had said that farmers who are burning the leftover of the crops is creating the blanket of smog around Delhi. It is coming off the sources, if Delhi also starts burning the garbage dumps in the same manner, it would be dangerous for the city and adjoining areas.

With this, team Pardaphash would like to draw attention of the state’s Chief Minister towards the 40 meter high heaves of garbage that are spread in 70 acres of the area in Gazipur. How would the dump be get-rid-of, is a big question. The big mountainous heaves of garbage here have polluted the water resources as well. The pipelines have been majorly hit due to the heaves.

Apart from Gazipur, Jahangirpuri and Gopalpur are the areas from where comuters have t cloth their nose before wading through the pool of foul smell.

Where around 50% of the total Delhi population resides in slums and the state has 1800 illegally constructed colonies with 900 settlements where about 4.5 lakh temporary shelters are there are a storehouse for 80-85 lakh people. As per the government’s stats, only 25% of the populace resides in legally constructed colonies.

The big fat 2500 crore budget’s Interceptor Scheme which was supposed to clean the Yamuna also seems to have been dumped like heaves of garbage. The scheme was supposed to bring cleanliness in the city and outskirts but we can’t see any of its effects as yet. It was supposed to clean the river by the beginning of January but hasn’t done even half of it.

As per the government records, the state spills around 600 mgd sewage out f which just 50% is treated the rest flows to make common man’s life miserable if not worst. If we go by the stats, then 7400 tons of garbage is being thrown out of Delhi homes each day and by 2021, the weight would further increase to 17000 tons. Just 50% of the total garbage is being treated by now and the rest swells and becomes a production house of diseases.

The Sewage of Delhi is no different to talk of. It also wears the same stigma. In 1977 there were 567 colonies in the state and now when 35 years have gone past the sewage line work is still on. And in the meantime 900 more colonies have been given the nod. And the bitter truth of the above fact is that despite laying down the sewer lines and the development charges given by the consumers, people have not got the connections. They still have to spill the dirt in the open drains.

Here, it should also be known that a heavy contingent of ministers went to foreign countries to learn the skills of waste management on heavy sums and a Solid Waste Plant was also set up in Timarpur area but nothing is coming out positive in this. Despite spending billions of Rupee it hasn’t come of any use as yet.

And now when the old minister is talking of five years jail term for the burners of garbage, she should better find ways of decomposing the dumped and swelling garbage.


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