Exclusive: Veena Malik had an abusive relation with Pak Cricketer Muhammad Asif

2 years ago

Mumbai: The Zindagi 50-50 girl Veena Malik had been into a long term relationship with Pakistan Cricketer Muhammad Asif. But in a recent revelation made by Miss Malik, she disclosed her blotted bonding with the sportsman. She even said that Asif humiliated her in front of his friends.

In a survey related to the rise in crime against women, Miss Malik was asked: Did she underwent physical and emotional abuse ever? And the Kannada dirty picture actress said, “Yes, I suffered an abusive relationship. I had an abusive relationship with Muhammad Asif… I have been very loyal and honest with him. My world was just work and him. He’d repeatedly humiliate me in front of his friends. He used to say, ‘See the most beautiful girl mere isharon pay rehti hai’. He used to get violent if I did not prepare food on time.”

When asked: Why women suffer physical and emotional abuse? She said, “I think girls get into abusive relationships because to some extent they like bad boys. They want to change them but instead they are drawn into the dark, desperate personality of the man they think they can mend. I confess abusive relationships give a woman an extreme high even if they cause their self-esteem to fall extremely low. Also, women feel that bad boys will protect them from the outside world.”

Meanwhile, Miss Malik had a controversial past as she was linked with Bigg Boss season 4 contestant Ashmit Patel and Bollywood director Hemant Madhukar.

Recently, she also made a confession that Ashmit Patel was never her friend.


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