I was kept in dark for the film: Anna Gurji

3 years ago

London: The most controversial film of recent times which allegedly insults Islam, has come in limelight again, as one of the actors of the movie has blamed the film-maker of cheating her.

The 21-year-old actor, Anna Gurji, blamed the movie-maker that he is taking her to play a starring role, the sources said on Sunday.

The young actress is now living in fear for her life, they added.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, also known as Sam Bacile, has been named by the FBI as the 55-year-old director responsible for “Innocence of Muslims”.

Nakoula is an Egyptian-born Coptic Christian. Now living in California, he is a convicted drug dealer and conman who was released from jail in June last year.

Gurji, who plays a character’s child bride, spoke of her fear of reprisals and how she was ‘betrayed’ by Nakoula.

“I was playing the youngest bride of a character named ‘George’. I had no idea George would be changed to Mohammad. I’m locked up in my house. I’m terrified people in the Middle East will blame me,” she was quoted as saying.

“I’m Catholic so they might think I have something against Muslims. I’m taking pills to sleep. I’ve been crying for days. I feel betrayed. My face is stuck on the movie clip. People see that awful film and they see me,” she said.

Gurji told the sources that she and her fellow actors believed they were making an action film called “Desert Warrior” and that Nakoula never discussed religion.

“I was told I was to be Hilary, the young bride of a character called George,” she said.

“The film was about a comet that falls to Earth in the ancient Middle East. There are different tribes who think the comet is somehow holy and fight over it.”

“There were supposed to be lots of special effects so a lot of the filming was in front of a green screen. It was super low-budget. I was getting $75 a day and all my scenes were shot with George against the green screen. I had no idea how it would be twisted,” she said.

“Maybe I’m naive but no warning bells went off. I auditioned, showed up and did my lines. None of us involved in it had any idea there was a secret agenda,” the sources quoted her as saying.

The crudely-made 13-minute English-language film, was filmed in California and circulated on the internet under several titles including “Innocence of Muslims”.

The film sparked a violent protest at the US consulate in Libya’s Benghazi city, in which the US ambassador and three other Americans were killed. Protests have spread to other countries across the Muslim world.


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