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Is Hardeep a facade in Chadha-crossfire, tagged as 'property dispute'?

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Published on: Tue, 20 Nov 2012 at 04:40 IST
Is Hardeep a facade in Chadha-crossfire, tagged as 'property dispute'?
New Delhi: Rain slowly slides down the glass, if the night is crying but not in this case, the drops have frozen. The Saturday episode in which the liquor-baron Ponty Chadha and his brother Hardeep Singh killing one another, comes as quite a shock. The murder will come in question again when we would make you aware that Ponty was a character that believed in keeping and protecting relations, not destroying them. It seems that the case has been given a facet of bad-blood.

Ponty Chadha is someone who took his father’s business in his hands and spread it across the country and became one of the powerful personalities of north and kept many political folks at his command. Initial Medical examination report suggested that around 38 rounds were fired from three different licensed weapons, including an AK 47 in which Ponty took 15 bullets - six of them in the chest - while Hardeep was shot four times. It is an absolute surprise to know that Hardeep killed a brother, who once fought for him.

During 1980s, when Sikh terrorism was on the rise in provinces of Uttar Pradesh. The second son of businessman hailing from Moradabad, Kulwant Singh Chadha (running liquor business), Hardeep was kidnapped after which the family was almost shattered. But, it was the same Ponty, who regardless of being handicapped, tackled the situation and collected a huge sum of money to get his brother free from the claws of kidnappers and wipe tears off his parents’ eyes.

Ponty used to love his brother like anything but infuriated at one thing – Hardeep's habit of not seeking advice before selling off a property, owned in their father’s name. It is very saddening that two brothers, owners of thousands of crores, participated in a bloodbath for a dispute over a minor property. It is very disturbing to know that brothers, combined wealth of whom was worth over Rs 50,000 crore, died in vain over a wealth that was around Rs 100 crore only.

Another event that reveals Ponty’s affection towards his brother is that while Ponty was exploring Punjab with business view, he was adviced by Punjab government to bulk up his security. Ponty did beefed up the security but for his younger brothers Hardeep and Rajinder. He provided 6 security guards for each of his brothers and kept only one for self.

The murder darkens on finding out that Chadha family was very close. Ponty was not only virtuous for his brothers but also towards his other kin. He used to participate in family events just like a normal person would do and tried to keep in touch with most of his relatives; his wife Lavleen and son Parmeet also established identical traits. Parmeet even shared good rapport with both his uncles. It is very dismaying to know that Hardeep’s ears were filled that he shot down a brother with such a nature and thoughtfulness.

It all started after the demise of Kulwant Singh Chadha. Hardeep used to lead himself and brother Ponty into heated discussions over property distribution as Ponty insisted on avoiding the 'dismantle' and 'scattering'. It is hard to say when these heated arguments turned into disputes. Although, no one knew that the dispute will see such a tragic end.

Hardeep Singh sold out the very first paper-mill erected by his father without informing Ponty. Ponty bought that mill at higher prices to keep the ancestral property within family. The farm house over which the recent outburst happened was also in line to be sold by Hardeep but Ponty was not in favor to let him sell it. The gap between them grew large enough that the two mishandled each other in a face to face shootout.

A month earlier, a shootout happened over the same at Ponty’s ancestral home but the fire never got air because of his political influence. May be this avoidance became the very reason of his vicious death. Internal sources inform that Ponty used to say yes to every request made by his brothers, whether appropriate or inappropriate.

Insiders say that Hardeep may have come under the influence of talks who discoursed him against his brother. It is said that Hardeep was in command of his father-in-law Harvinder Singh Sarna, younger brother to the President of Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee. Things might turn out that Hardeep developed so much rage against his brother in the say of Harvinder, according to the insiders who firmly believe that he brainwashed Hardeep.

This might look like a result of differences between two brothers but there are many things that suggest that the phenomenon is suspected. It is also being assumed that it is a deep reached planning of the other liquor businessmen who experienced market-exit in presence of Ponty Chadha. Otherwise, a dispute over a small property cannot be the reason of crossfire between two immensely rich brothers.
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