Is it Navneet Sehgal after PK Bhukesh and DK Singh?

3 years ago

Lucknow: Time and again, Team Pardaphash has been bringing the money embezzlement issues related to NRHM budget which was misused by PK Bhukesh and DK Singh under then Chairman Navneet Sehgal to go through with C&DS scam. It is within the influence of our reports that Girish Malik who was once an agent to these scammers has now turned into a witness against them. Not only this, the revelations made against former Family Welfare Minister Babu Singh Kushwaha and Saurabh Jain have also proved true.

Navneet Sehgal and corrupt practices undercover:

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CBI on Friday presented Singh and Bhukesh in a special court hearing in Ghaziabad. The two were then taken into judicial custody for a day followed by two days’ police remand. Eyewitness for the case Malik in his confession said that he bribed Kushwaha, BSP MLA RP Jaiswal and IAS Navneet Sehgal in order to get C&DS contracts.

Malik revealed that Nehru Yuva Kendra’s former Co-ordinator DK Singh looked after Sehgal’s work and he was the one to ask Malik to meet PK Bhukesh in connection to the department’s contract. He also said that it was after a meeting with Bhukesh that he could manage to bag C&DS contracts. Malik listed a few white-collar officers who stuffed their pockets with bribes during NRHM scam.

PK Bhukesh’s money minting strategy

Former CM Mayawati’s secretary, now dharmarth karya secretary Navneet Sehgal secured Bhukesh’s position as a co-ordinator in C&DS. Bhukesh in no time teamed up with corrupt engineers of the department and executed number of scams under NRHM’s development plan. Fellow scammers GM PK Jain and NE Katar Singh have already been arrested by CBI.

As a C&DS co-ordinator, Bhukesh benefited his close aides including architect Mridul and Madhuri Sikera.

Interestingly, in spite of a prominent role in NRHM scam, Sehgal is still not approachable to investigation agencies. But witnesses’ antagonistic attitude towards him may soon send him behind the bars.

CBI already has evidence against DK and Bhukesh. Reportedly, the officers will stress upon extracting proofs against Navneet during their custody.


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