Is Sahara Q Shop the only safe food item provider, rest kill?

3 years ago

Lucknow: “The malpractice of adulterating the eating goods is certainly one of the biggest cause of worries in India currently. And we definitely need to curb it on time before it harms us more” is the theme for Sahara India Pariwar’s latest rollout in the business world in the form of Sahara Q shops. As per the claims of the company, it would be providing goods that are completely free of infectious or harmful chemicals and contamination.

But this certainly raises a few questions about the authenticity of the claims.

The Sahara India Pariwar, which is leaving no stone unturned to rigorously advertise the Q shops on a broader scale, is claiming that they would be providing the unadulterated food in the Indian markets, the claims of which are quite boozy.

The company has claimed that the Indians are currently taking the food which is full of adulteration. The food the country is eating right now is infectious enough to kill. The company displays these facts in an ad in which India’s high profile sports personalities are being shown questioning the quality of food the Indians are eating.

Now, the question here is “On what grounds can SIP publicly claim that the eatables are full of adulteration without having any firmness in their stand?”

Another factor of the advertisement that comes under scanner is that the company weightily states that it is going to provide completely adulteration free food items in Q shops. Does it indicate, what the country is eating currently, is all a mixture of harmful substances? What is the criteria that the company has set for its megaphone claims about being the purest?

Even the guidelines from the Advertising Standard Council of India (ASCI) it is not permitted to make claims that can surge confusion in people. The guidelines say that ad should not mislead consumers to believe that consumption of product advertised will result directly in personal changes in intelligence, physical ability or exceptional recognition.

Such claims if made in advertisements should be supported with adequate scientific substantiation. Which has not been done apart from a display of a laboratory and man stating that adulterated food may lead to certain diseases.
All nutritional and health benefit claims in foods & beverage advertisements are required to be substantiated scientifically.

Messages in advertising to children will portray accurately the products, in a way that is in keeping with their ability to understand and not fright anyone.

Visual presentation of foods and beverages in advertisement should not mislead the consumers of the material characteristics of the products that have been advertised.

However, the company has not used any names for the representation of adulterated food items in their advertisement.

The company’s ads point an indirect finger towards the other multinational companies too claiming that they only provide the food free of adulteration and the rest you eat, kills.

Around three months ago the Board of Control for Cricket in India had banned one of the advertisements of the company that featured elite Indian players.

The BCCI reportedly asked the Sahara group to pull out this ad sending buzz throughout the advertisement industry.

The advertisement showed Tendulkar performing last rites, Yuvraj digging a grave for a child and Kohli putting a wheelchair for a man in an attempt to portray the ill effects that adulterated food from the market could have. The tagline for the advertisement is “Milawat ke Khilaf jung”.

By: Munendr Sharma


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