Is Sunny Leone, Nupur Mehta making TV shows bold?

4 years ago

Mumbai: We don’t know whether the Mayan prediction of the end of the world will come true but we know for sure that the Indian entertainment industry is entering a phase which will put an end to whatever inhibitions are left in our stars.

The trumpet signaling the ‘change’ had already been blown sometime back over the last decade. With the grand arrival of Sunny Leone in India, a huge leap has been taken. Mahesh Bhatt took “the talented” Indo-Canadian porn star under his wings and suddenly Leone got an offer that girls across the country dream of – a Bollywood break.

Ever since Sunny was confirmed to star as the female lead in Jism 2, she started a trend of sorts in the country. It is known to all that the Bhatt movies contain heavy doses of boldness. With a porn star in Jism 2, one can only imagine the level to which the ‘boldness’ will rise.

Sunny is not the only one who is to be held responsible. Ever since Mallika Sherawat loaded oodles of oomph in Murder, a long line-up of actresses followed in her footsteps. Although complete nudity is still a far cry in mainstream cinema, Paoli Dam has already posed in the boldest ever way for her upcoming film Hate Story.

Boldness has also transcended the barriers of the otherwise unchartered territory of TV shows. In a popular daily soap the lead actor Ram Kapoor shared a passionate smooch with his on-screen wife Sakshi Tanwar. Aired on one of the top entertainment channels in the country, it is a surprise that love, once portrayed in pure platonic terms, has taken such a stride in its depiction.

It will not be a surprise if other serials follow on the same path. After all if senior TV actors can indulge in acts that are against the moral ethics of the country, the young brigade will go to greater lengths. The industry is already witnessing a surge in the activities of the likes of Poonam Pandey, Rakhi Sawant and Veena Malik through the omnipresent social network and other media.

In fact Poonam Pandey is the greatest example of promoting nudity through the online medium. She created a stir ever during the Cricket World Cup last year by promising strip if India won. She may not have kept her promise then but is surely fulfilling it in installments by posting her nude images on Twitter for all to see.

Veena Malik too is one of her kind. Always in controversies for one reason or the other, she has been in the thick of things with her name cropping up in some of cricket’s ugliest controversies. That gained her an entry in Bigg Boss and thereafter she created a stir both in India and her home country of Pakistan by posing nude for FHM India.

Quite similar is the sudden demand of an almost unheard of Nupur Mehta. Thanks to a leading foreign English daily, the one-time actress will now reportedly enter the sixth season of Bigg Boss. The daily made her a talk of the town by linking her name to match-fixing scandals.

If this is the way how the new age of entertainment be defined then one won’t be surprised to see total nudity in daily soaps which for now concentrated strictly on the family melodramas.

Even if one may argue that going bold is the call of the day and the new reshaping of an era, what is imnpoirtant here is to discriminate between audiences. Children form a large chunk of those who watch television. The makers therefore have to keep in mind that the young minds do not get polluted with “on-screen openness”. Perhaps it is time for the government to issue strict guidelines and certify TV shows just like cinema.


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