Kate’s Pregnancy And The Shadow Of Diana

3 years ago

London: The death of the duped nurse which the RJs and leaders of Australian radio describe as “unpredictable”, echoes the tragic death of Princess of Wales, Diana’s death in 1997, pursued by paparazzi.

The hoax to the royal family forced a response from the officials of the radio group from Sydney – Southern Cross Austereo, the statement on Sunday calls, “We are all sorry for the events of recent days. They are truly tragic.” Leaders responded to the letter addressed to them by Lord Simon Glenarthur, the President of the King Edward VII hospital in London, where the Princess Kate Middleton was treated. They termed the prank “perfectly miserable.”

The joke orchestrated by two radio hosts, has indeed turned tragic. On Tuesday, the day Kate Middleton was hospitalized, a prank call was made by the RJs who worked to behave as the Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, eager for their pregnant grand-daughter’s health report. Receptionist at the hospital then transfers the call to senior nurse Jacintha Saldanha attending the Duchess of Cambridge, who revealed the undisclosed story.

The subterfuge by the RJs was revealed soon after. But on Friday, the news of duped nurse, being found dead in a London flat came as a shock. The case was subjugated with a suicide theory, although the cause of death has not been established and it has received severe condemnation of the British media.

According to the radio, this tragic death was “unpredictable”. “We will take immediate action and review our procedures dissemination,” ensured the group responsible for the release of the facts regarding Kate’s pregnancy. “It is too early to know all the details that led to this tragic outcome and we look forward to any results from the investigation that could be revealed to us or to the public,” they said, promising that they will be “very cooperative” in the investigation.

While the Australian press has generally defended the two radio presenters, Mel Greig and Michael Christian, the British media severely criticized the radio-trick.

Jacintha Saldanha’s photo appeared on the cover of almost all the press in the United Kingdom. “The Duchess of Cambridge is young, beautiful and famous around the world. It aroused feverish interest which is accompanied by hints of hysteria,” said an editorial in the Sunday Telegraph, adding that the writer has “already seen this before with Diana.” “Number of Britons outraged and situations reminiscent of the death of Princess Diana in August 1997, the princess had died in a car accident in Paris when she was chased by paparazzi.”


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