LACCFED Scam – Have the corrupt ministers left the scene or have they been deliberately fled?

3 years ago

LUCKNOW: The LACCFED scam investigated by the Cooperative Cell’s Special Investigation Bureau (SIB) is now in search of foreign fled accused, for which, help of the newly appointed ADG Law & Order Arun Kumar, will be taken; Arun Kumar is also the ADG of Special Task Force (STF). SIB assumes that two of the ministers and four others have fled to foreign lands. And after Diwali, they now want the process of scrutiny to be accelerated.

The delayed investigation in the scam and the arrest jam, only points towards a machination. Government’s intention is seemingly unclear. Officials are counter charging each other, which is arousing the suspicion. Along with that, the accused ex ministers are also roaming unobstructed. It seems as the parties – the current state government (Samajwadi Party) and the last state government (Bahujan Samaj Party), are engaged under hidden quid pro qou, otherwise, it is not possible for the accused to fly away safe while constantly being under police scanner.

SIB is hunting for Chandradev Ram Yadav and Rangnath Mishra, posted as ministers in BSP rule. Non-bailable warrants have been issued in their names. SIB is in doubt that the two have left the scene and the country as well. The bureau has asked STF via letter (in September), to help them track these two fugitives. DGP headquarters have also been informed of the same. Two more letters were mailed to STF after that.

SIB fears that the former chairmen of LACCFED, Sushil Katiyar and BP Singh have also gotten away & are hiding in Nepal and they all have switched off their cellphone numbers, because of which STF officials are unable to locate their position and are left stranded for now.

A senior officer at SIB contacted STF officials but they told that they could do nothing as the phone numbers of the accused are switched off. SIB DGP Subrat Tripathi displayed resentment at this attitude of STF. He has instructed the investigating officer of the case, Aditya Prakash, to meet ADG Arun Kumar and inform him of the impediments faced till now and also make him aware of the negligence by STF.


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