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Manish Tewari quashes Kejriwal-Surendra's allegations

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Published on: Thu, 22 Nov 2012 at 10:10 IST
Manish Tewari quashes Kejriwal-Surendra's allegations
Manish Tewari quashes Kejriwal-Surendra's allegations
NEW DELHI: Just a day after Ajmal Kasab, the only accessible convict of 26/11 (Mumbai terror attack) was hanged in a discreet manner, Arvind Kejrival found the opportunity good enough to strike few of his chords, by banging yet another allegation to the central government of not caring about those who parlayed their lives at stake to fight against the enemies of the nation. But responding to his allegations, Minister of Information and Broadcast Manish Tewari said that the government has played its role well and has always been in support of the people who have stood for protecting the country.

Arvind Kejriwal via former NSG Surendra Singh slammed government that it had ignored the people who played substantial role of saving the country while it was under attack during 26/11. He said that several NSGs including Surendra Singh (present at the Delhi press conference) were leading a miserable life.

Before attending the press conference, Kejriwal took to twitter and posted, “Ajmal Kasab hanged yesterday. But wat abt those NSG commandos who fought that nite and saved India? They r leading a pitiable life. Some of them thrown out of job wid no pensions, they r footing their own medical bills, no honors for them. One of them dares to speak up. Meet him at 1 pm in a press conf. He wud narrate the story of others too (sic).”

Manish Tewari on behalf of the government said that he has been given all his dues in the form of War Injury Pension (which has been served as Rs 25,254 per month) and he has also been paid Rs 31 Lakh as retirement emolument; however, Surendra denies all of it. Arvind says that the fight for rights is seemingly longer and tougher than it was during the 26/11..

Former NSG commando Surendra Singh said that the government did not do its duty towards them. "I became unfit after 26/11 but the government is not bearing the cost of my medical expenses. I even tried taking help through RTI. I was told that NSG will not reply to RTI as it does not come under RTI. I wanted to know the criteria and eligibility of NSG commandos in my RTI. I wanted to know about foreign donations that were sent to help us. My request was rejected," he said.

Kejriwal said, “Pakistani terrorists attacked Mumbai on 26/11/2008. Kasab was hanged on Wednesday but those NSG commandos who fought these terrorists are still fighting for their rights. Out of the 11, 2 people were kicked out of the job. These two became disabled because of the Mumbai attack.”

If allegations stand true then the government have literally blown their image of being a responsible one. Clearly, it is not surprising why youth often tends to disregard a career in NSG and similar departments as they don’t find much support that is needed to the family (of the dead soldier) or the soldier himself who gets injured confronting wars and battles or returns dead.
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