Mayawati may take a strict decision against FDI after OCT 9

3 years ago

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh’s ex Chief Minister and the apex name in the Bahujan Samaj Party, Mayawati ruled out some hardcore statement against Congress on the FDI issue. In a press conference, she cleared out that her party has always opposed FDI and will do the same in future. Also, she said that BSP has nothing to do with the matter and the decision made by the central government is totally one-sided. And if they (BSP) are not listened to, then they might withdraw their support from the government on identical grounds.

The three ‘M’ – Mayawati, Mamta and Mulayam, have become the biggest barriers of the Central government. Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mamta Banerjee already were against the FDI. Bengal SM, Mamta Baberjee has even advised Manmohan Singh to think the matter, over again and gave him an ultimatum of 72 hours. Today, Mayawati’s outlook has simply left the UPA government in deep trouble and has pointed out towards darker days for the reigning central government.

BSP will be staging a rally on October 9, mainly to criticise the work done by the SP government and scrutinize its work, done in the past few months. Post which, Mayawati may also announce whether she will give her support to the UPA government or retreat. Today, Mamata will be staging a rally in which she would try to prove her point and also would seek to press congress to cancel out the elevated prices of diesel, LPG and FDI. The future of the central government will be decided soon after Mamata’s rally.

Trinamool congress says that the central government cannot take make a one-sided decision, they need to listen to their associates as well. Mamata said that Trinamool, by Tuesday, will decide whether it will be supporting UPA or not. She was condifent that she will not step back from the situation and that Congress has no choice but to nod on what she has to say.

It is now essential for Manmohan to rethink and analyse over what these three ‘M’s have to say and if congress risks ignoring their statements then UPA government is sure to fall. If we add up the MLAs from the parties of Mayawati, Mulayam and Mamata, then the number stands at 62, and if they, together, withdraw their support, then the country will witness mid-term elections.

In the rapidly changing political scenario, the central government and Manmohan Singh have opted for strict actions and statements, which is pointing in a direction that discloses that the country is facing hard times. Commoners will need to counter difficulties for sometime so that the situation may not worsen in future. People may find the process, a bit cruel but this is necessary for a long term benefit for the country citizens; as Manmohan Singh says, that after FDI, there would be more job opportunities.


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