Mother’s Pride School stands on scandalous base

3 years ago

Lucknow: Rape with minors and that too at a place where education is being imparted, can’t be less shameful than any other inhuman act. And that is exactly what has happened at Ghaziabad’s Mother’s Pride School. Not just this, the incident has disclosed the misdeeds of Devendra Gupta, husband of school’s chairperson Sudha Gupta. Having treasured about 9.5 crores in his lockers, this Executive Engineer of the Delhi Nagar Nigam is playing with the emotions of the people under the aide of an educational institute.

The misconduct with the female minor has augmented Gupta’s misdemeanor and it has also been revealed that this was not the only such case that happened inside the school premises. Devendra Gupta, with his sturdy financial prowess, managed to suppress the issue each and every time. The poor parents were left with no other solution instead of letting-go the issue for the sake of their name.

From threatening, to offering handsome money to the poor parents of the victim, Devendra Gupta is leaving no stone un-turned to hide the illusive act. Pardaphash, through a phone call, conversed with the father of a victim. Initially, he denied to speak anything on the issue but later when our Editor-in-Chief Munendr Sharma had words with him, he revealed (On a condition being kept anonymous) that he is receiving threatening phone calls from the school authority for taking back the complaint. He was also asked to get ready for the consequences if the case against them was not rubbed from the papers.

He also revealed that there are about 150 such cases which are covered because no parents dared enough to fight back against the powerful authority.

In the investigations, Pardaphash found some shocking facts that the suspended Executive Engineer had gulped a handsome sum from many NRIs (Non-resident Indians) by giving a corporate look to his land purchase and sale business. It was found that the lands which he sold to those NRIs was resold to other buyers making it two owners of one land.

These corrupt doings came in the limelight after Harmeet Singh Rana, a resident of America’s New York City had filed a case on September, 21 2012 under the Economic Crime Unit, New Delhi against Devendra Gupta, Rajrani Gupta (Devendra’s Mother), GS Mathur (Engineer, MCD), Sanjeev Aeren, YD Bankata and Sanjay Kakkad. The number of the case is 128.

Harmeet Singh charged Gupta and his aide of embezzling Rs 3 crore in the year 2008 for a property in the Indirapuram area of Ghaziabad. He said that the whooping amount was transacted to them via two cheques of Rs 2 crore and one crore on February 7, 2008 and April 22, 2008 respectively. The property was a shop with number UG 82,83,84,86,87.

Harmeet in his complaint wrote that instead of handing over the property to him, Sanjeev Aeren, YD Bankata and Sanjay Kakkad started ignoring his phone calls and even put his office’ shutters down permanently that located in the Li-Meridian, New Delhi.

After Singh failed to come in touch with them, he reported this fraud to Overseas Indian Affairs Ministry. The case was shifted to Delhi Police’s Economic Crime Unit on September 7, 2009. A First Information Report (FIR) with number 184/2009 was lodged under the section 406. They (Aeren, Kakkad, Bankata) knocked the Delhi High Court’s gate after the complaint was filed against them. Sanjeev Aeren said in the court that he will return the amount to Harmeet Singh in the set time period.

An agreement was signed on March 9, 2010 between Singh and Aeren which read, the above mentioned amount will be debited in the accounts of Harmeet Singh till April 7, 2011. The agreement also said that Sanjeev will sell 5 flats located at Aloha, Rishikesh at Rs 10 lakh each to Harmeet Singh, which would be counted as the sum payable against the damages for delay in handing over the shop. But neither the sum was returned to Singh, nor the flats were sold to him.

Singh said, “They gave me 4 postdated cheques of Rs. 4, 15, 84000 which were dishonored by the bank on submission.”

The school that Devndra runs on his wife’s name is often shielded due to the students studying there. As per our investigations, the school admits wards of high profile administrative officers along with elite cops, which in return helps Gupta to perform his evil deeds and also not get caught.

Report by: Munendr Sharma (Editor-in-Chief)& Nitish Kapoor


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