MS Dhoni’s latest fascination – GMC Seirra 3500HD

3 years ago

Ranchi: Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s love for automobiles is know by all. His parking lot is shared by some of the most beautiful and powerful two wheeled monsters and cars. Dhoni after distributing parts of his out to the bikes, now wants a piece of love to be given to a truck.

Here, do not get that those ugly looking trucks that you see on Indian roads but here we talk of giant SUV’s and pickups, capable of pounding on any type of terrain, with ease. Dhoni has blinked an eye over one such road mammoth, a GMC Sierra 3500HD. This truck is not any regular big SUVs that you see dragging itself on the narrow roads of the country but it drives along massive power generated from its V8 engines, sent to its wheels.

This particular model from GMC gives 2 engine options to the buyer. One is a petrol variant with a displacement of 6.0 litre V8 and another is the 6.6 litre V8 turbo diesel. The latter version pumps out a staggering 402 ps of power and an earth shattering torque of 1,036 Nm. It is expected that Dhoni will opt for the turbo-diesel.

MS last made into headlines because of his passion when his newest bike, Hellcat X132 was delivered.

Sensing his taste and the amount of moolah he spends on such exotic rides, why not go again for an exotic SUV, he can catch the one below.

Conquest Evade SUV


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