Nirmal Baba is media struck | His ferry seems to be sinking post tv interview

2 years ago

Lucknow: Public has generated a sudden diversion in their way of thinking when it comes to Nirmal Baba. They now think that in a foot deep wetland, Nirmaljit Singh Narula has tried to fake the art of being a soul savor for innocents who have fallen prey to the superstitious and modern yet orthodox ways of healing the obscurities of people.

People are emerging from the state of unconsciousness and are rising against the business of forged spirituality. He proclaims himself to be the Godman who has the power to mend the problems of people by doing kripa on them.

If we calculate the registration alone then it helps him collect over INR 84 crore (according to the sources) on an annual basis but his samagams generate more money then what others have expected. In an interview to a television channel, he has accepted of having an annual turnover of INR 238 crore.

He also said that he has never asked for money but what about the registration that he asks, without which no one can enter his gatherings, plus the money is non-refundable and non-transferable. When questioned for the dasavand which is asked for the “continuous kripa”, randomizing the answer in a briskly manner he says that it’s “the play of powers”, and that he has never asked for it and it is just a part of planetary significance. Many commoners tried attending his assemblies and also tried to talk to him but they were denied all until they sent the draft or cash in favor of Baba and his trust.

He has a statement, “I am against all forms of superstition. People follow and believe in me because I tell my followers not to believe in any form of superstition,” then we ask keeping a bundle of 10 rupee notes in almirah will be regarded as what? He said that he has never claimed of treating any disease or doing a miracle, then how will he justify his solution given to his followers. There is nothing logical in them.

He said that he had been paying the income tax regularly of the money that he had been generating from the samagams which means he paid tax from the INR 238 crore and which points that he has counted the money to be his and not the trust’s. The investigation has revealed that Nirmal Baba has 3 bank accounts, one each in Punjab Naional Bank, ICICI Bank and Yes Bank. One in the name of “Nirmaljit Singh Narula”, second in the name of “Nirmal Darbar” and the third is unknown.

Sources also inform that previously the contractor from Daltonganj, he, in his third account pulled together INR 123 crore from January 4, 2012 to April 13, 2012, of which INR 105.56 crore were withdrawn in 16 different transactions. INR 53 crore was the biggest transaction that occurred and went from Nirmal Darbaar’s account to Nirmal Baba’s account. The account now has INR 17.47 crore in his account dated on April 13, 2012. Sushma Narula, Nirmal Baba’s wife, is registered as the nominee to the accounts. He also has fixed deposit of INR 25 crore in a leading bank.

The popularity graph of Nirmal Baba too has taken a plunge after the media initiated the hunt for real thing. Previously before the income and wealth of Nirmal Baba was questioned, his daily transaction inputted INR 1.1 crore on an average but “Friday the 13th” turned dark for him. According to the reports, approximately only 1800 people (instead of the average 4500) registered on Friday, April 13, 2012 bringing his collection down to INR 34 lakh.

Public is rising against Nirmal Baba now and have taken to the streets, they are showing their protest by burning his effigies and displaying placards to take the investigation further and take action against him.

Pardaphash was the first to unearth the craftiness of Nirmal Baba to which he sent the notice of Defamation (click here to read news), where we only asked to reveal the details of his asset. Now numerous probes will be in effect that will eventually reason out our question. We have contacted a lawyer too, he has conveyed that money coming from the devotees cannot be claimed by the deity as his personal wealth. Also according to our sources, it is yet not revealed that where the money is put to use or if it is used in interest of public, then where?

He said that he utilizes the money deposited by his devotees only in the expenditure of samagams and advertising. Then why his bank accounts are filling up. Apart from the Income Tax Department, FIU (Financial Intelligence Unit) too is keeping an eye on the transactions that bank accounts related to him have carried out. They are also trying to figure out whether if the accounts have made any foreign transaction.


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