Ponty Chadha’s killing might be a political conspiracy

3 years ago

New Delhi: Liquor Baron Ponty Chadha’s killing has shocked many of the political leaders, especially those who kept a good report with him. He had very good relations with the leaders of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Punjab. The black money embezzled by the politicians from several government schemes, have been invested in the businesses of Ponty Chadha. The latest update in the foolproof murder came from our sources’ end as they informed us that the Uttarakhand Minority Commission Chairman Sukhdev Namdhari’s ex-gunner Sachin Tyagi shot Ponty Chadha.

Also our sources inform us that Sukhdev Namdhari has been alleged of many such cases in the past.

A man, who used to sell snacks in front of a liquor shop, after years, was termed as the ‘liquor king’. Seems a story of a film but this was the real life Ponty Chadha. His life witnessed every achievement which a successful businessman would dream to see.

Here’s a glimpse at Ponty Chadha’s life:

Ponty Chadha’s father Kulvant Singh Chadha shifted to Ramnagar in Uttarakhand from Pakistan’s Montgomery district after the partition of India. After that Ponty’s father moved to Moradabad’s migrant colony at the refugee camp area.

From here Kulvant Singh Chadha started to try his hands in small businesses. Firstly, he set up a snack stall in front of a country-made liquor shop. It was the time when the life of Ponty and Kulvant took a turn and they stepped into the hemp (Bhang) business. He was an ambitious person and had a desire to earn as much as he could. He was advised by Punjab’s liquor syndicate to try a hand in liquor business in Moradabad, which he accepted later.

Kulvant was looking for such an opportunity. But there was a barricade named Totala on his way. Totala had completely occupied the liquor business in Moradabad. Totala had the support of the liquor syndicates of Eastern Uttar Pradesh while Punjab’s liquor lobby stood in favour of Kulvant. In the battle of supremacy, some times Kulvant was ahead and some times Totala. But after some time Totala went missing and the rumours were abuzz that behind his murder there were Kulvant and liquor lobby of Punjab. It was the beginning of the rise of Kulvant’s family.

Kulvant started to achieve milestone after milestone in liquor business. But the story of the rise of his family spins around Ponty Chadha which is dream like.

Ponty Chadha played a huge role in changing the liquor policy of Uttarakhand. During the year 2003, Ponty grabbed the whole liquor business of Uttarakhand with the help of his good relations with the ruling government. It was the time when Ponty’s political power enlarged and his followers increased in every political party.

Besides Uttarakhand, Ponty increased his alcohol business in UP, Punjab and Rajasthan by thousands of crores. During the year 2007, when Mayavati’s government came in ruling in absolute majority, Ponty used his influence in UP as well. Mayavati government never took any decisions about Sugar mills and liquor business without Ponty’s advice.

He created the special zones in Moradabad, Bareilly, Saharanpur and Meerut with the help of state government and compelled the distillery owners to sell the expensive brand liquor to them on prices decided by him (Ponty). This is the reason why Ponty Chadha’s group’s name was appeared in the case of English liquor smuggling in Western UP, Delhi, Haryana Punjab, etc. Besides this, Mayavati government had given the indenture of printing the hologram on liquor bottles to Ponty’s company. In this way, Ponty had grabbed the complete whole selling and retail liquor business with his influence.

Ponty was not yet stopped. After grabbing whole alcohol business, he tried his hand in real-estate and succeeded in it as well. It is said that he generated most of the money in this business. His success in the business can be adjudged by the fact that he had become the highest stamp duty payer for registry in the history of our country.

He was the developer of Wave Mall in Lucknow, which was the first multiplex of Uttar Pradesh. About this project, it is said that many politicians had invested their minted black money in it. Ponty Chadha achieved success in every business he started, weather it was the field of movies or its distribution.

Liquor King’s relations with government and political leaders:

Pardaphash has earlier reported that how Ponty, through his relations with high ranked politicians, changed the entire excise policy of the state. It was made possible because of his reach in top quarters of the government. This was the first time in the history of India that the contract to collect INR 6000 crore of excise duty was given to a private company.

One of those politicians’ son was seen in Ponty’s Mercedes surrounded by guards given to the liquor baron from the Punjab government.

According to the speculations, Ponty Chadha got close to Samajwadi Party (SP) after the 2012 Vidhan Sabha Elections and broke his relations with former Mayawati’s ruling UP government. He continued the excise policy in UP by making good relations with Akhilesh Yadav and his SP government. According to the sources, Mayawati was not happy with Ponty’s move and talked to him several times regarding the matter but nothing went in her favour.

It is abuzz that Ponty had the list of all those corrupt people who had invested in his businesses. There is a big list of BSP leaders who have gulped black money. The whooping sum of 5 thousand crore that was embezzled under the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) scheme was also invested in Ponty’s businesses.

According to the sources, Naseemudeen Siddqui, Babu Singh Kushwaha, Ramprasad Jaiswal and BSP Chief Mayawati’s brother Anand have close relations with Ponty. Each of them had been investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The national probe agency has achieved some evidences against Kushwaha and Jaiswal. But Naseemudeen is yet out of reach of CBI.

Ponty’s death seems to be a family dispute between two brothers. If the business relations of Ponty will be investigated then some more facts can come in the light. It might be a possibility that any of Ponty’s business partners have killed him taking the benefit of his dispute with his brother Hardeep Chadha.

Ponty destroyed everyone who came in his way. One of them is business tycoon Vijay Mallya. When Ponty was on a roll of success, it was Mallya whose liquor business was affected the most. Mallya and his liquor business were almost evicted from the states in which Ponty was trading. Now, when Ponty is no more a competitor, Mallya may be thinking of expanding his business in the state again.

The Liquor King was a family man:

One of Ponty’s hobbies was kite flying, which cost him his one hand and three fingers of other hand. He was trying to untwist his kite which was implicated in a high tension wire. All three brothers used to have food in same house in spite of living in different houses. Ponty had a son and two daughters. All of them are married. His brother Hardeep Chadha had been married to Harvinder Singh Sarna’s daughter, who is the brother of Sikh Gurudwara Committee Chief Paramjeet Singh Sarna’s.

When the news came in focus that Ponty and his brother have been killed each other following a property dispute, no one believed it because both of them have a big force of security guards, which contains some NSG commandos and retired Police officers too. The killings could be an act of conspiracy as it was apparently not possible especially when the heavy security surround the Chadha brothers.

Report By: Munendr Sharma & Nitish Kapoor


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