Quick glance at Apple’s iPhone 5 features

3 years ago

San Francisco: Below are the features of the new iPhone – iPhone 5 in brief, so that you don’t have to bore yourself, reading down the specifications on the latest generation handset from Apple.

– 18 percent thinner – 7.6 mm
– 20 percent lighter – 112 gm
– 12 percent less volume
– 9mm taller
– 4 inch retina display with same width as iPhone 4S, 1136 x 640 resolution with 18 percent more megapixels
– Quicker connectivity with LTE technology, hence supporting the most advanced networks

– 8 hours LTE browsing
– 8 hours talktime
– 10 hours video playback
– Quicker graphics because of A6 chip, without battery leakage

EarPods – Designed with 3 microphones, evolved over hundreds of prototypes and took 3 years to emerge as Apple product

iSight (Panorama capture), 40 percent faster photo capture

Lightning Connector – It has replaced the old 30-pin connector and hence saved essential volume inside the phone. Also, it is reversible therefore no wrong plug-ins can be made.

Maps on Apple – New vector based map elements

Improvised Siri – With more answers to your questions

For detailed information, visit Apple’s website.


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