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Raja Bhayya connects convicts to kin, proposes phone facility inside jail but...

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Published on: Wed, 03 Oct 2012 at 12:38 IST
Raja Bhayya connects convicts to kin, proposes phone facility inside jail but...
Lucknow: Ever since Raghuraj Pratap Singh, popularly known as Raja Bhayya, has been seated as UP’s Jail Minister, his decisions taken in the ministry have been a subject of discussion for all. His latest decision to add the facility for prisoners to make phone calls to their kin and advocate is again in talks.

This will allow prisoners to make calls to two phone numbers, which the convict will have to register it with the prison administration and the call can only be made under supervision. The minister said that these calls will be recorded so that the prisoner is not able to misuse the facility.

Now we will give you a reality check and guide you through some of facts that these ill fated decisions (taken by the jail administration) prove to be.

The common belief is that the prisoner refines and optimizes from the criminal intellect into a social and friendly intellect; that after returning from serving a jail-term, he/she would realize his mistakes and hesitate from doing the same in future. But things turn that very criminal (serving the jail term in a UP jail) into a much treacherous bloke.

They confront the inhuman behaviour of the jail officials and often become the jobber for the corrupt bureaucrats and politicians who pluck out the hindrances like Dr Sachan (of the NRHM Scam issue) out from the seen. Basically in these jails, criminals evolve, from pick pockets to murderers and so on and so forth.

Today, Pardaphash will reveal a different tableau which you may have never come across before.

When any person commits a crime and is sent to the jail, he/she forefronts criminals from different background, where all are kept in a common cell. From here, starts the unending illegal commercialization of entities by influential inmates, who by their dominance siphon money from other inmates for the place to sleep, etc.; in other words, the illegal 'lessee' of the jail compound. The rate diversifies according to the place of sleep and status of the inmate.

If any prominent criminals make use of their network and avail different facilities inside the jail, which if you analyze it, is not much of a feeling of being in jail. All you need to do is to pay the right amount for things such as cigarette, tea, alcohol, cell-phones and food from outside of jail. These personalities who have huge network and provide you from anything to everything, are called lumbardaar in local dialect.

The Process Of Siphoning
All those criminals who find their way back into jail, know how to make their stint inside the compound, a comfortable one. They furnish the amounts predicted according to the time that they’ll spend in jail. Prior their entry, they inform on what and when they would be needing things inside. While for those prisoners coming inside for the first time, the lessee and the lumbardaar provide the details of 'when and what amount to render at which place'. These two (lessee and lumbardaar) also pay to the powerful felons inside jail and these felon do the same for jailers.

The first time jail-birds give in their details of their backgrounds, post which they are asked of a ransom. Those who deliver the money on time are treated nicely while other offenders are ordered to clean toilets and wash other inmates’ clothes and those who revolt are beaten up. The jailers remain blind eyed in spite of witnessing all.

Supply of tea, street food, cigarette etc. is one thing but you will find it rather surprising to know that drugs like hashish, smack, cannabis are also made available, at twice the market rate. Security Guards act out the middleman in supplying the deal from outside to inside.

The story do not ends here, these criminals even pick murder and kidnapping contracts from inside the jail which is carried out by their henchmen. Often, the jail administration is aware of all such criminal development but remains tight-lipped, result of which is the alleged murder case of Dr YS Sachan in the NRHM (National Rural Health Mission) Scam.

Whenever a high profile and powerful government serviceman enters detention, the whole administration transforms into a rump shaker and right from the jailer to the jail doctor, everyone tells him how to make his stay in the jail, a luxury one by utilizing his power.

It is a fact that officials and bureaucrats placed at higher designation in the ministry are well aware of the conditions of the prisons and the prisoners but it is still not known as to why these people prefer to keep their mouth shut.

The long stay at these prisons, have made them even more precarious and more fearless. The crime is carried out in a way which is untraceable. Stockpiling cash is their only focus, for which they are ready commit a crime, way bigger than the one, they are in for.
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