Recalling Yuvraj’s Heroics: Six sixes were as good as fighting Cancer

3 years ago

Mumbai: The miraculous display of his heroics that Yuvraj Singh had produced to bring back the glory to the nation in 2011 World Cup, have yet again started to creep up. In a country where cricket is not just termed as ‘Religion’ but also followed, fans would yet again want to pile the roads with thunderous sounds like they did in April, 2011. They would want their hero to deliver. But ‘can he?’ is a big question.

The expectations would be higher from the stylish left handed batsman, as his name has been included in the top 30 probables’ for the forthcoming ICC T-20 World Cup.

Remembering that trifle with Andrew Flintoff, after which, the anger-filled Punjabi took Stuart Broad for a ride with six massive hits out of the ground in an over, would certainly point that this man can do it again. And if this is not enough, then there are a number of innings to choose from the recent 50-over World Cup for which he was adjudged Man of The Series.

Undoubtedly, Cricket is a team game but the way Yuvraj Singh delivered with both bat and ball to bring back the World Cup after 28 years, can never be forgotten.

The roads, in each and every corner of the country, were flooded with people. The news channels seemed limited on that day to show the excitement that was poured on Indian madness.

That Yuvraj, who we still know as a fighter, was a lot different that he is now. He was fit, he was fine, and more over he was mentally tough. But, ever since he has comeback fighting against the disastrous Cancer, and a number of Chemotherapy sessions and medications, questions have been expectedly raised about his abilities being the same as earlier.

But a hero is a hero nonetheless, and remains so. His six sixes would be one of most historic moments of world cricket. They were as good as fighting with cancer if not more.

With his inclusion in the 30-member-squad for the big occasion, BCCI has certainly showed respect to the player. And the Indian lovers of Cricket would yet again expect him to deliver king size. They would want to see Yuvraj Singh roaring as he did against Pakistan after winning, as he often does and has been doing.

-Vishal Srivastav


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