What is reason behind the deaths from Encephalitis, government or corruption…?

2 years ago

Gorakhpur: Eastern Uttar Pradesh (Purvanchal) and many nearby districts of Bihar are suffering from the deadly bacteria transmitted disease Japanese Encephalitis. Every year, this fatal disease claims several lives and makes many children handicapped. But the concerned authorities never take any effective imitative to fight such disaster until the death toll reaches to thousands. Later, the authorities take every political step to compensate to the survivors of those who suffer this disease. But even after so many years, this infection looks to be bigger than every step of Indian government.

Every year, the government passes thousands of crores budget to fight the infection but nothing looks effective when the infection begins. After enough of the study of the reasons behind the initiatives of the government, Pardaphash team came to know the real truth behind the matter.

Last year, Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad visited the affected area and passes Rs 4,000 crore health plan for the region. But the reality is that even after the completion of one year, the proposed unit of the central government (GMO) to fight the matter hasn’t taken place yet.

In the meeting headed by Heath Secretary Keshav Desiraju the special panel has even refused to provide the compensation to the sufferers. Although, according to the laws maintained by the government, if any child suffers this deadly infection and becomes handicapped, the family of the patient will be provided with the monthly compensation for his or her supervision.

The government is looks completely disabled before Japanese Encephalitis (JE) because of their lackluster approach against it. The central and state governments have introduced many programs to benefit the infection sufferers and they are also providing enough financial help for medicines and required tests but nothing is reaching to the poor people of the state. According to the reports, all the money is snatched by the hospital staff starting from the doctor to the peon.

When we came to know about the hidden truth behind the evaluation of money passed for Encephalitis eradication, the results were shocking. It is to be known that every year the government provides thousands of crores for annual vaccination and spray which is scheduled to be done in the 20 districts of UP and some of neighbouring districts of Bihar. But the real truth is that from many years the authorities of the process distribute all the money among themselves and the eradication process gets complete just on papers. With each passing month, the number of JE cases is increasing rapidly and so on the number of deaths.

If we have a look at the government’s statistics, 4,225 children have lost their lives from 2005 to 2012. But if the original figures of the total deaths between the period is really shocking. Today, the medical college of the region has every mean to strongly eradicate the disease but nothing is looking to be effective because of government’s lackluster approach. Even when we compare the rate of deaths from district hospitals and medical colleges, district hospitals are way better than the medical college.

If the reports are to be believed, since 1995, the health department has been arranging the vaccine in the region to fight the infection. The vaccine should be given to the small children after checking their blood report. But according to a doctor of the medical college, some doctors are giving the vaccine to the children without testing their blood, which is proving harmful for the children.

Here are some facts related to the issue:

1. According to the specialists, because of improper arrangements, we have failed to fight the infection. On the other hand, because of inappropriate means of treatment, the toll deaths have increased. If we have succeeded in coming over mosquito-borne Encephalitis through vaccination, then water-borne JE has troubled us.

2. How to come over the situation:

a. If government agrees to spend more on spreading awareness about the disease and purified drinking water.
b. The vaccination process continues to run throughout the year.
c. Proper arrangements to keep children away from mosquitoes and also keep the group of pigs away from the population.
d. Take good care of cleanliness.

3. If we have a look at the five years record of BRD Medical College the stats are – 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 – Patients Admitted – 2194, 2663, 3303, 3595 and 2402, Deaths – 458, 525, 514, 625 and 500 still counting.

4. Till now, the state has witnessed more than 25,000 deaths and around 20,000 have been handicapped because of the deadly disease.

Recently, blaming the Samajwadi Party government, Bhartiya Janata Party had questioned that why the issue is being overlooked when the disease is claiming hundreds of lives every year. Who is responsible for the deaths in the state because of JE? The opposition party also asked the government to make sure that no negligence will be made in the vaccination process in the affected districts.

The state spokesperson of BJP Vijay Bahadur Pathak also said that the people are witnessing negligence in the many parts of the state where the vaccination process is running. The process is very slow. The fact was also revealed in the review report of the government. He also asked the government that when hundreds of children are losing their lives every year then why the government doesn’t declaring the disease as epidemic. Every year during the months of Monsoon, the disease reaches to new heights and several people fall ill. So, why the government doesn’t have any strong protective measures to fight Japanese Encephalitis.


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