With Modi’s win, Maruti Suzuki expands in Gujarat

3 years ago

New Delhi: Just after the one-sided win of Narendra Modi in the recently ended assembly polls in Gujarat, the automobile giant Maruti Suzuki announced on Saturday that it has started the work on its second project in Gujarat with acquisition of another 600 acres of land. It will be an addition to its existing plan to invest Rs. 4, 000 crore for setting up a plant in the state.

The company also showed the expectations of gaining 6-7 per cent growth in sales during the fiscal year 2013-2014. While, they have acquired 6 per cent rise in vehicle sales in this year.

The country’s leading car maker company also confirmed that they will not break into the premium segment of passenger cars in India and will prefer to go with its image of a small car maker.

“We have acquired the two location in Gujarat. The first one was offered to us by the government and this new one is a private land which has been attained by us after some negotiations with the government,” said RC Bhargava, Chairman Maruti Suzuki India (MSI).

The company has taken about 600 acres land, which is located about 40 km from the previous site near Mehsana, he added.

“The second location is like a future plan of the company as once the first site gets exhausted, we will move to the preserved one,” told Bhargava to the reporters.

In reply to the question that if MSI is shifting its focus from Haryana, where it struggled some labour problems, he said, “We are not going away from Haryana. We have already two plans in the state and we are going to Gujarat after utilizing complete capacity of Gurgaon and Manesar. We will opt for the same action, once sites get exhausted in Gujarat as well.”

He added that the company will be celebrating the ground breaking ceremony for the Gujarat facility next year.

He also talked about the company’s performance in the current fiscal year and said, “We have noticed 6 per cent growth in car sales in the current fiscal year. Overall, there is a sign of softening in India’s car market due to various factors.”

“We are hoping to grow 6-7 percent in the next fiscal year as well. The next year is going to be the election year, so, we are not hoping anything harsh to happen,” concluded Bhargava.

Narendra Modi completed his hat-trick in Gujarat by grabbing 115 seats in the assembly polls.


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