PM should not politicize triple talaq issue: Madhu Goud Yakshi

Photo of the Congress leader Madhu Goud Yakshi.

New Delhi: Criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of politicizing the triple talaq issue himself, the Congress leader Madhu Goud Yakshi said that no one should politicize the triple talaq issue which divides the country.

While talking to the media, he went on to say: “Sometime he (PM Modi) talks about kabristan-shamshan ghat and sometimes Diwali-Ramzan and now he is talking about Triple Talaq. You are not the Prime Minister of one religion and one community but the PM of this country. So, he should think that the country is first. Please don’t politicize the issue which divides the country.”

Speaking similarly, Communist Party of India (CPI) leader D Raja urged Modi to speak on larger issues keeping in view all religion and community.

“Nobody should politicize this triple talaq issue. There are sections among Muslims who disapprove triple talaq who consider that it is not according to the Quran, they themselves admits it. The fundamental issue is how to empower women, how to ensure gender equality. PM should speak on this larger issue keeping in view all religion and community,” he said.

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