Sacked AAP Minister Kapil Mishra exposes Kejriwal on TV

kapil mishra
Sacked AAP Minister Kapil Mishra exposes Kejriwal on TV

New Delhi: Former Delhi minister Kapil Mishra today accused Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of being involved in black money laundering. He further said that his ‘hunger strike’ should not be forcefully stopped as he has proof of all wrong doings of the AAP chief.

Kapil Mishra also said that Arvind Kejriwal is the one who hided his income details from the income tax department and created several fake companies to make sure they don’t get caught with black money.

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Former AAP minister laid several corruption allegations against party Chief Arvind Kejriwal and other colleagues and said that there were 16 fake companies that were formed and there were account details hidden from the tax departments.

He also said that there are several fake bank accounts running in the Axis Bank branch where there were raids conducted during the demonetization period.

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Mishra mentioned that CBI will be informed with all the details regarding the hidden unlawful works that Kejriwal did in the last few years.

Kapil said: “I have all the papers and documents with me that will prove that the Chief Minister of Delhi Kejriwal fooled the people of Delhi.

“I had been working with the AAP and now I am thankful to the workers and people who gave me the details of the bad deeds that the Delhi CM did”, he added further.

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