Here are three ways smoking affect your health!

Photo used to describe the effects of smoking.

New Delhi: As we all know smoking is injurious to health but still most of the people are addicted to it and finds it difficult to quit knowing about the harmful effect of it on the body. Most of the deaths all over the world are due to the harmful effects of tobacco which could even be prevented.

Here are three major effects of smoking on the body:-


The most dreadful disease which in most cases cannot be cured, smoking can lead to the greater risk of cancer and can cause different types of diseases but the most commonly caused is lung cancer.

Respiratory diseases

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Smoking also causes harmful respiratory diseases which leads to damaging your lungs and the small air sacs found in the lungs. It also leads to several numbers of deaths globally.

Cardiovascular diseases

As per the studies smoking also leads to many cardiovascular heart diseases and blood vessel diseases. According to a survey, smoking causes one of every three deaths is because of cardiovascular diseases.

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