Virat reveals the ‘win mantra’

LONDON: Indian skipper Virat Kohli today revealed the mantra for winning matches at big events and said that one has to be honest and say things that hurt people around you in order to achieve success. “Be honest and sometimes say (to teammates) things that hurt”.

Losing a high scoring game against Sri Lanka was a body blow for Kohli which required some serious introspection.

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“You have to be honest. You have to sometimes say things that hurt. That’s what I believe in. You have to lay it out in front of them that this is what we did wrong, including me, and we need to take it on the chin and accept it and prove it. That’s why we are chosen among millions of people to play at this level,” Kohli said at the post-match press conference.

“You have to be good enough to do that for the country and you have to be good enough to bounce back, as well. You can’t do the same mistakes over and over again. It’s not about asking two, three players to do it. We are asking everyone to do it and everyone is responding really well. Today was a team performance,” a satisfied looking India captain said.

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