10 mn views for ‘Confessions – It’s Complicated’

Mumbai: “Confessions – It’s Complicated” which is an Interactive web series has managed to get a thrilling response of 10 million views online.

TV production company FremantleMedia’s web series was launched on April 4 and since then they have got a stupendous response within 40 days from its release date.

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Launched exclusively first on Facebook Live, “Confessions – It’s Complicated” is a story of three girls – Nupur Murthy, Sameera Saxena and Raka Ghosh – who move to Mumbai to pursue their dreams to make it big.

Vidyuth Bhandary, business head of FremantleMedia India, said in a statement: “Scoring 10 million views in 40 days is something commendable,” .

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