100 million viewers for Hotstar soon!

New Delhi: Ninth edition of the Indian Premier League has lead to the increase in the viewership of Hotstar which is the India’s largest streaming platform. The number has reached 80 million viewers and they are expecting to cross the 100 million-mark with two games left in this year’s season.

Hotstar also stated that the Indian Premier League’s reach on the platform has doubled when compared to recnet year at the same stage and the total watch time is up 275 percent from 2014.

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Ajit Mohan, Hotstar CEO today stated in a statement: “We are delighted at the growth we have seen on the IPL viewership on Hotstar over the last two tournaments. Hotstar has become the primary screen for IPL for the urban affluent and the young cricket fans. With more than double the reach of last year, we are well set to exceed the 100 million target we had set for ourselves for this year.”