10th edition of annual BRICS 2018 to be held in Johannesburg

Xiamen (China): Chinese President Xi Jinping today announced that the 10th edition of annual BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) summit will take place in Johannesburg next year.

Jinping made the announcement after the end of the 9th BRICS. The current edition of BRICS made news after all the member nations unanimously condemned terror outfits.

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On the sidelines, Jinping told PM Modi that their two countries should pursue “healthy, stable bilateral ties” in the wake of a protracted border standoff.

Earlier, tensions between India and China rose after Bhutan objected to an attempt by Chinese troops to build a road on the Doklam plateau in June. Indian troops stationed in Bhutan under a special security arrangement intervened to keep Chinese troops at bay. India said the action to construct the road changed the status quo and expressed concern that the road will allow China to cut off access to India’s northeastern states.

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Not much of a surprise that the military face-off saw China upping the ante with state-controlled media and senior government functionaries accusing India of “trespassing” into Chinese territory and reminding India of the outcome of the 1962 war between the neighbours that ended badly for India.