14 Gram Sabhas in MP to impose liquor ban

Betul (Madhya Pradesh): Resolutions have been passed against liquor trade and consumption, proposing fines ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 to be imposed on violators in the Fourteen Gram Sabhas in this district of Madhya Pradesh.

Bhaiyalal Inave, a former member of the block panchayat stated: “Damjipura Gram Sabha set up a committee against liquor consumption headed by Banshi Ivne. The villagers also made rules for prohibition of liquor and fixed fines against violations.”

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Damjipura and 13 other villages have decided to impose Rs 20,000 fine on a person who makes or brings liquor to the village, and Rs 10,000 fine on a person who engages in a brawl under the influence of alcohol.

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