Beside US appeal China continues to oppose India’s NSG bud

Beijing: Despite United States fresh appeal with the nations to support India’s bid for Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG) membership, China continues to oppose by saying that the country has not signed Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).


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The 48-nation grouping remains divided over the entry of a non-NPT signatory country like India.


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The Chinese Foreign Ministry saying different statements in this regards, China first said that it was not targeting any country such as India and Pakistan and then takes a U-turn from its announcement that how can US backing India as the country has not signed the NTP, so on this ground India should not be allowed entry into NSG.


The China’s reaction came soon after the America said India was ready for NSG membership and asked all participating group members to support India’s application at the plenary session of NSG in Seoul which is scheduled after two days from now.

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Beijing at the same time said that the “door are open” for discussion on any issue but emphasized on weather criteria for membership should be changed instead of making exceptions.


China in other words is seeking to associate India with its impeccable non-proliferation record with that of Pakistan for which is batting.

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Some 20 members are said to be in favor of India’s bid for NSG membership and some are opposed to it.