Indian teen briefs about assailants in her last call to family

Lucknow: Death lingered a usually peaceful Spanish bakery Holey Artisans when armed assailants of ISIS walked rampaging, and taking the diners in hostage. About 20 were reported to be killed by the ISIS terrorist in the siege, leaving Dhaka witnessing the most devastating and precarious terrorist assail.

Among 20 hostages, one was a 19 year old Tarishi Jain, who was killed in the attack. Tarishi who was reported to be back home from US for her summer vacation, went for a trip to Dhaka, where her father, Sanjeev Jain owns a garment business for 15-20 years. She was accompanied by two of her friends Abinta Kabir and Faraaz Hossain, who were also reported to be killed in the attack.

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Before being victimized to a terrorist gun, girl managed to lock herself in the toilet of the bakery, from where she called her family in Uttar Pradesh.

The Jain family, based in Suhag Nagar area of Uttar Pradesh’s Firozabad district, on Saturday recalled the last conversation they had with her during the siege.

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In her last call which was around 1:30 am, Tarishi informed her family about the arm assailants and that she had locked herself in a toilet.

“It was around 1.30 am when we got a call from Tarishi. She told us that gunmen were around and that she had locked herself in one of the toilets of the restaurant,” her uncle Rakesh Mohan Jain informed.

He added that they continuously tried to connect with her after call got disconnected, but all the calls went unanswered. It was at 6:30 am when someone received the call but did not speak from the other end.

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Tarishi was reported to be a resident of a posh locality of Dhaka which was just few miles away from the bakery where she went to savor the delicacies along with both of her friends.

According to sources, Tarishi was among the hostages who may have been subjected to torture before being killed. “That was apparent from the injuries,” a source said.


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