16 year old Hyderabad Girl Married To 65-Year-Old Oman National

HYDERABAD: In a bizarre event, a Hyderabad school girl in glittering red poses with an elderly man in wedding images that were given to the police officials.

You would be surprise to know that the bride is 16 and the groom – a 65-year-old sheikh from Oman.

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The parents of the girl went to the police explaining the whole situation that she was married off three months ago for Rs. 5 lakh,.

“If you don’t save me and take me from here, I will die…” the girl has said in phone messages to her parents from Oman.

In the images that were handed over to the police officials as evidence, the Class 8 student appears to be in her wedding attire with an elderly, grey-bearded man in a jacket.

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The worse part is that such marriages are quite common in Hyderabad, which draws elderly men looking for young brides from poor families.