43 killed in triple attacks in Iraq

Photo related to bombings and gunfire attacks in Iraqi province of Salahudin.

Tikrit (Iraq): Near about 43 people were killed and at least 40 other wounded today in two different bombings and gunfire attacks in Iraqi province of Salahudin.

A drum filled with explosives sparked off near a bridge on Sunday morning in provincial capital city of Tikrit in Shishin area, some 170 km from Baghdad that resulted in killing of 13 persons and injuring 30 others.

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In second incident, n car loaded with explosive went off at a parking lot in Iraq’s Samarra city, 120 km from Baghdad, leaving 10 persons killed and 10 others injured.

According to sources, the blast set fire to several nearby cars and caused damages to many others at the scene.

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Sources further said that gunmen, believed to be affiliated to Islamic State (IS) militant group, broke into the house of a tribal leader in Tulul al-Baj area, some 50 km north of Tikrit, and opened fire in the house and killed 16 persons.

The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq said, terrorist acts, violence and armed conflicts killed 1,792 Iraqis and injured 1,358 others in October across Iraq.


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